• Here are a list of upcoming events:
    • Friday Morning Prayer – Ralston House (36th and Chestnut) @ 7am
    • FNL – FNLs will resume Friday, August 25, 2017
    • August 6th – Crossroad YA Sunday Lunch & River walk – Ruby Buffet then Spruce street river walk.  Please join us for food and fellowship!
    • August 12th – 3v3 Basketball Tournament Missions Fundraiser
    • August 18th to 19th – AMI’s East Coast Women’s Conference
    • Upcoming Sunday Location:
      • 11:15am – Sheraton Hotel (36th and Chestnut)
  • Family Group is where you can grow in Christ as you study the Word, pray, and fellowship together with a small group of brothers and sisters in Christ. Please sign up online for our fall family groups!
  • AMI Daily Devotionals & July Bible Reading:
    • Please continue to join AMI for our daily devotionals at the AMI Quiet Times website. A mobile app is available as well!
    • July bible reading schedule is now available.  Here is the link for the reading schedule calendar.
  • Morning prayer is held on Friday mornings at 7am in at Ralston House (36th & Chestnut St.)
  • Please also continue to pray for our one-year missionary interns!
  • Please pray with us as we pray…
    1. for GCC’s members to encounter God powerfully
    2. for growth in the community as they transition locations
    3. for wisdom, energy, and organization in leadership
    4. that the church will not be content with comfort
    5. that the church will be passionate and holy
  • Let’s keep praying for the Grace Covenant Church Singapore! Also check out their new website! Their Sunday services and small groups have started and they are reaching out to their community. Please consider building up God’s Kingdom in Singapore through your faith pledges, offerings and prayers. Please include your name on your check.